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Adira Press Brakes

Adira Press Brakes

MC press brakes partnered with Adira to provide an equipment solution for jobs requiring high tonnage or long length bending capabilities. Adira press brakes offer a wide range of feature options and configurations, from entry-level brakes to fully customized 2000+ ton behemoths.



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  • Patented HEXA-C Frame Design – The unique Adira frame design reduces structural torsion and resulting angle deviation during off center bending. Adding strategic rigidity to the frame through this design improves accuracy without upping the price.
  • More Room to Work – High open height, stroke height, and throat depth give you the ability to take on a wide range of jobs.
  • A Brake for Every Business – The Adira line includes three models: PA Basic, PA Plus, and PH. Each model is available in a range of tonnages and can be customized with additional features and capabilities.
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