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Mitsubishi’s partnership with Astes4 is pushing laser automation to provide more functionality with less equipment, offering a fully integrated all-in-one solution from loading material to picking and sorting parts. The 4 in Astes4 makes reference to the patented configuration of four independent gripper heads spanning two gantries, a design that allows for incredible flexibility and efficiency. Like all other Mitsubishi Automation, Astes4 systems are available in configurations and capacities that match with your production demands and are ready to grow.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • An All-In-One Solution – Astes4 automation offers the first fully integrated automation platforms. That means a single system to handle material storage, load/unload, and picking and sorting parts.
  • Expandable – Mitsubishi Automation is renowned for its building block like expandability. The Astes4 base production cell integrates with other Mitsubishi automation allowing for easy expansion as your throughput grows.
  • Reduce De-nesting Errors and Bottlenecks – Pick and sort a constantly changing array of parts fast with no errors. Sort parts by kit, next operation, by job, or whatever your application requires.
  • Heavy-Duty Capacity – 1,100-pound capacity per head, 4,400 pound total load capacity. De-nesting and sorting heavy parts is a difficult and dangerous job that Astes4 automation simplifies.
  • Automatic End Tool Changing – Each of the four heads feature interchangeable end of arm tooling, employing either vacuum or magnetic end effectors based on cut part geometry and properties. This means Astes system can lift and sort a huge variety of cut parts in various thicknesses, geometries, and materials.
  • Smart Sheet Management – Sheet positioning, skeleton removal
  • Software Communication – Astes4 automation operates on SortCAM software in communication with a laser. Software integration means an Astes4 system knows which tools are needed to pick which parts, where those parts are in the nest, and how to pick them up to limit snags on rough edges the moment parts are ready to be sorted.
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