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Diamond BB

Diamond BB

The all-electric Diamond BB series of brakes uses an AC Servo motor and ball screw drive that boosts speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency over alternative drive mechanisms. The 2.1 second ram cycle time leads all electric brakes, as does the single micron ram repeat-stop accuracy. Electric brakes are quiet, clean, and easy on the wallet.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • Intuitive Controls with a Host of Features – CNC controls on a 22” LCD touchscreen. Improved controls allow for greater functionality and flexibility with features like improved CAD/CAM function, 3D part simulations, and on-board maintenance and diagnostics.
  • Multi-Use One-Touch Punch Holders – Easily change in and out Euro tooling with a safety tang or without. Or swap out for clamping that fits your current tooling.
  • Standard Four Axis (BB40/60) or Five Axis (BB30) Low Profile Back Gauge – Form your most complex parts easily. High speed movement with gauge accuracy within a hundredth of a millimeter. Optional fifth axis back gauge.
  • Quiet – An electric brake doesn’t require noisy hydraulic pump motors, BB brakes also include a reducer that bring operation noise levels down to whisper.
  • Less Stress – For you and the brake – the same mechanism that lends Diamond BB brakes their incredible accuracy reduces internal wear on crucial stress points. As a result, service calls on BB brakes are almost nonexistent.
  • Response time near zero – Another benefit of the ball screw drive mechanism is improved responsiveness. As soon as the foot pedal is depressed the ram is in motion without the delay seen in many hydraulic brakes. We regularly hear from operators that this seemingly small change makes a huge difference over the course of a day.
  • Videre Compatible (BB6020) – The Videre operator support system displays real time, true to scale, bending simulation and part handling instruction. Display can be customized to help meet the needs and boost productivity of experienced and new operators.
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