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Diamond BH

Diamond BH

Mitsubishi believes finding the right press brake for your shop shouldn’t be about compromise. Traditionally hybrid press brakes struggled to balance accuracy, cost-efficiency, and tonnage, resulting in a brake that is just so-so in each category. The Diamond BH series, MC press brakes’ hybrid line, takes the same mechanism that drives our incredibly accurate electric brakes, and adds oomph with Dual Drive technology.



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  • Dual Drive – BH Brakes operate as an electric brake until the bending force of hydraulics is required. That means no whirring of hydraulic pumps, lower operating costs, and incredible speed for a larger brake.
  • Intuitive Controls with a Host of Features – CNC controls on a 22” LCD touchscreen. Improved controls allow for greater functionality and flexibility with features like improved CAD/CAM function, 3D part simulations, and on-board maintenance and diagnostics.
  • Multi-use One-touch Punch Holders – Easily change in and out Euro tooling with a safety tang or without. Or swap out for clamping that fits your current tooling.
  • Lightning-fast Response – Another benefit of the ball screw dual drive is improved responsiveness. As soon as the foot pedal is depressed the ram is in motion without the delay seen in many other hydraulic and hybrid brakes. We regularly hear from operators that this seemingly small change makes a huge difference over the course of a day.
  • Eco Assist – Environmental and Bottom Line Friendly – The ram of a BH brake floats on a gas cushion which helps return the ram to the top of the stroke. Reducing the weight of the ram on the upward stroke with this gas assist reduces overall hydraulic oil consumption, frequency of oil changes, and increases the lifespan of brake components. Of all the BH brakes out in the field, we have never replaced a cylinder seal.
  • Quiet, Cost-effective Operation – BH Hybrid brakes only need hydraulic power when actively bending. This means reduced noise from oil pumps in standby and production, and best in class power consumption.
  • Videre Compatible – The Videre operator support system displays real time, true to scale, bending simulation and part handling instruction. Display can be customized to help meet the needs and boost productivity of experienced and new operators.
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