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Diamond BH ATC

Diamond BH ATC

Pairing a Diamond BH series Brake with ATC automation frees up operators to work more efficiently, pleasurably, and economically. When the BH Brake with ATC debuted at Fabtech it ran 500 tool changes in a day. Perfect for shops seeing high-mix low-volume work.


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  • Large Tool Storage Capacity – Storage options of 32 and 52m of tooling. The ATC system can accommodate a huge variation in tooling size and geometries meaning bending jobs requiring specialized tooling can be included in an automated process.
  • Flexible Operation – When running fully automated, a brake equipped with ATC can cycle through carousel of hundreds of tools, quickly perform tool setup and changes, and clean the bed surface and tooling following each tool change. An operator can easily interrupt this flow for a hot job or one-off part, or if a bend requires tooling not stored in the ATC. Other automated press brake systems limit your ability to use the brake in a standalone capacity.
  • Program Offline or On the Fly – Craft programs offline or at the controls.
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