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Old Industrial Machinery




Building off of the innovative Element Base, the Element Type R Warehouse further expands the benefits of automation in a compact footprint. The inclusion of a material tower holding up to fourteen shelves makes true lights out manufacturing and high-volume, quick turnaround, production possible in shops with limited space.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • Linear configuration – This unique automation solution can fit up against a wall or in a corner while still providing lights out capabilities.
  • Capacity and Specs – Industry leading under 80 second cycle time for small form factor automation, 6600 lb. load/unload capacity. Material tower with up to 14 shelf capacity.
  • Easy Access to the Cutting Table – If your shop sees a lot of one-off parts and hot jobs you may have avoided automation. The Element maintains access to the shuttle tables allowing you to pause a production run mid-sheet, cut a hot job or part, and resume production.
  • SmartFlex Innovation is Standard – Despite being a smaller automation system, the Element is equipped with vacuum loading with air knife sheet separation, thickness detection, and aerial sheet positioning.
  • Robust Build – Mitsubishi automation built its reputation as an industry leader by emphasizing quality and reliability.
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