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GX-F Advanced Series

GX-F Advanced Series

The GX-F Advanced pairs increased power, up to 10Kw, with the capabilities of machine learning. An AI enabled laser learns from every cut and movement it makes. What that means in the field is improved speeds, narrowed tolerances, and cost savings as the GX-F Advanced Fiber automatically adjusts to improve cutting performance. Despite all the tech and features in the GX-F Advanced it remains simple to operate. Intuitive controls, remote monitoring, and cut assist software make this powerful flagship laser a favorite for both experienced and new operators. 



Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • A Flagship Fiber Laser to fit your needs – Available in 5’x10’ and 2mx4m at 4kW, 6kW, 8kW and 10kW powers
  • Artificial Intelligence that’s the real deal – An AI enabled laser is not some smokescreen marketing claim with little impact on the shop floor, but real hardware and software that dramatically reduces bad cuts and adjusts parameters in response to material variability. The laser listens and watches a cut and can immediately identify and adjust cutting conditions to improve quality and speed.
  • Real-time performance diagnostics – Maisart, Mitsubishi’s Artificial Intelligence technology, is constantly monitoring laser performance and can automatically adjust parameters to optimize production. Cut conditions and adjustments are displayed in real time on controls or can be monitored remotely.
  • Reduced Gas Consumption – Advanced Gas Reduction (AGR) technology can reduce gas consumption by over 30% compared to other high-end fiber lasers. AGR delivers significant gas savings, the primary operating cost of a fiber, without contact nozzles or increases in crashes.
  • Drop Cut, Renest, and Adjust Parts Easier and Faster – Overhead 3D imaging allows for Drag and drop functionality.
  • Single Source For Service and Support – Equipped with a Mitsubishi Fiber Resonator, M360 machine monitoring, and Mitsubishi training, service, and support.
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