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Mitsubishi CO₂ Resonator

Mitsubishi CO₂ Resonator

Mitsubishi’s patented resonator is the heart of all of its CO2 lasers. The unique cross-flow design combines many of the advantages of both fiber and traditional fast axial flow CO2s. Simply put, it’s the nicest CO2 resonator out there. Available  from 2kw to 6kw.


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  • No Glass Tubes, No Turbine Blower, No Resonator Refurbs or Replacement – this is the biggest turn off of a traditional CO2, an expense you’ll never encounter on a Mitsubishi.
  • Frugal on Laser Gas, Helium – uses a fraction of what others consume, a lot closer to the zero figure of a fiber than to its nearest CO2.
  • Better-Looking Parts with Less Heat Effect – unique rectangular pulse characteristic allows a Mitsubishi to cut cooler than other lasers. Produces a smooth edge on plate without the need for a rust-inducing water shroud.
  • Low Maintenance – vacuum-sealed stainless enclosure with just five internal optics, all of which can operate for years before requiring replacement. Clean ceramic electrodes. The chiller is low maintenance too, with no chemical additives or flushing required.
  • Fast Startup – easier to turn off the machine when not cutting, thus saving on electricity.
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