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Mitsubishi eX Plus

Mitsubishi eX Plus

The industry’s best selling 5’ x 10’ CO2 is now even better; all the attractions of the eX, plus new features like faster operation and piercing.



Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • Two Sizes Available – 5’ x 10’ x 4.5kw, or 6kw.
  • Thin to Thick Edge Quality – superior edge, both with oxygen and nitrogen assist gas.
  • Easy, Safe Access – wide, power-operated door provides convenient access to the cutting table for retrieving a tipped part and hand loaded short runs. Perfect for a lean environment.
  • “Plus” Features – faster piercing, LED table lighting, new control features, and improved cut quality in poor quality material compared to the eX.
  • Built to Last – cast frame, full sheet 1” capacity shuttle.
  • “Diamond Path” – fixed beam length system ensures cut quality over the entire table.
  • “Beam Optimizer” – automatically delivers the optimum raw beam size for the application.
  • Mitsubishi 700 Series Control – graphical interface, USB compatibility.
  • Magnetic Head – quick recovery after a crash.
  • Mitsubishi’s Patented Cross Flow CO2 Resonator – low maintenance, no refurbs, great cut.
  • Automation Ready – add a loader or tower, or combine in a dual line with a fiber.
Resonator Style Fiber Mitsubishi Cross Flow Other Fast Axial Flow CO2’s
Hi Speed Turbo Blower no no yes (some have 2)
Glassware no no yes
Resonator Refurbs no no yes
Laser Gas (per beam on hour) .00 cfh .11 cfh .35 to 1.34 cfh
Helium (component of laser gas) .00 cfh .03 cfh .21 to .88 cfh
Start Up (to full power) < 1 minute < 1 minute 15 to 20 minutes
Wavelength (longer = safer) 1.7 micron (dangerous) 10.6 micron (safe) 10.6 micron (safe)
Access to Workpiece poor (full enclosure, roof) good good
Best Cutting Characteristic speed versatility, edge quality versatlity, edge quality
Head Very Sensitive to Dust yes no no
Resonator Built for Life? no, diodes decay over time yes, 25 yr old Mits resonators still in daily operation some require replacement instead of refurbs
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