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Mitsubishi VZ Series

Mitsubishi VZ Series

Access to the cutting table is vital for throughput on a short run 3D laser for setting up fixtures, programming, and load/unload. And the VZ series has it in spades. Two models available to best fit your application.



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  • Two Models – the VZ-10 features a high-speed, zero-offset head. The head floats +/- .040” over surface irregularities (H axis). The VZ-20 has a narrow-profile offset head that can get into tight spots. It’s a great all-around 3D cutter.
  • Two Table Sizes – 60” x 60” or 122” x 87” tables, both 33.4” Z axis. VZ-10 available at 2kw or 3kw, while the VZ-20 is offered at 4kw.
  • Easy Operator Access – safe optical wavelength and hybrid design (laser movement confined to bridge), no doors to open and close, low 26” table height for convenient part loading.
  • Dual Head Protection – spring return and shear pin.
  • Mitsubishi’s Patented Cross Flow CO2 Resonator – low maintenance, no refurbs, great cut.
  • Fast Resonator Startup Time – full power in less than 1 minute, versus the 15 to 20 minutes typical of a traditional fast axial flow CO2. Consequently an operator is more likely to turn off the machine and save power during setups, which can be lengthy on a 3D laser.
  • 360-Degree Turning Stroke – makes for easier programming and faster part cut time.
  • Options – the VZ-20 is available with the H axis and a welding head. Both the VZ-10 and VZ-20 can also be purchased with a rotary axis.
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