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Mitsubishi XL

Mitsubishi XL

The XL has the same high speed motion system as the XL-F fiber, with a unique beam delivery system that insures a consistent cut quality over its entire 10’ x 20’ cutting area. Available with or without shuttle tables.




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  • 10.5’ x 21.7’ Travel without a Reposition – no programming hassles or reposition witness marks.
  • Ideal for Big Parts or Multiple Nests – cut four 5’ x 10’ nests in one handling, or eight with the optional shuttle table, for hours of unmanned operation.
  • Available at 4.5kw or 6kw – both wattages 1” steel capacity.
  • High-Speed Flying Optic Motion System – makes this machine competitive on sheet metal as well as plate.
  • Jet Pierce – fast, clean piercing of 7g to 3/8” steel. High speed “HPP” pierce on 5/8” to 1” plate standard on the 6kw XL.
  • Easy Access – for both an operator and an overhead crane.
  • “Diamond Path” and “Beam Optimizer” Technologies – ensure cut quality over the entire table.
  • Mitsubishi’s Patented Cross Flow CO2 Resonator – low maintenance, no refurbs, great cut.
  • Options – 1” capacity shuttle tables, several possible automation configurations.
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