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Old Industrial Machinery




The Compact Tower system is available in a number of configurations, meaning our automation can excel in applications and spaces competitors’ systems can’t manage. Offload back to the tower, optional carts, a conveyor, or a dedicated nest tower. The added storage capacity of a tower opens up the possibility for hours of unmanned production.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • Flexibility and Big Storage in a Small Footprint – With several shelf configuration and tower heights available. Same 6,600 lbs. per shelf and .030” to 1” load/unload capacity as other Mitsubishi towers.
  • Same-Sided Operation – Tower can hold both material and nests, allowing cell placement against a wall.
  • Modular – Often you’ll see compact automation integrated with a laser. As with all Mitsubishi automation the Compact Plus Tower can be added in the field. Or keep the automation while upgrading to a new laser.
  • Keep Up with Faster Fibers – 75 second nest unload, sheet reload cycle time. As long as a sheet takes this long to cut the Compact Tower will keep pace. While a bit longer than Mitsubishi flow-through automation, this is much faster than competitive compact systems.
  • Multi-directional Nest Flow – Compact Plus Automation has the unique ability to send cut nests in several directions which opens a variety of configuration options.
  • Expandable – Add additional tower shelves, a second laser, or carts to the line.
  • FSC Style River – A traditional River rack holds material, with nests unloaded to carts. You can do the same with an FSC style River. Or you could return cut nests to rack shelves for storage and later retrieval.
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