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Old Industrial Machinery




The Rapid Base features two independent over-under shuttle carts for raw material, and two for completed nests. Unlike dual-cart cells (with just one material and one nest cart), the Rapid System remains in operation even when changing raw material pallets or removing nests. As the base system in the Rapid series, seamlessly expand with the addition of a tower and additional lasers. And what you end up with would be identical to a turn-key multiple laser line.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • 5’ x 10’ or 2m x 4m Sizes Available – .030” to full sheet 1” load/unload.
  • 22,000 lbs. of Unmanned Capacity – each motorized cart holds 11,000 lbs. of material.
  • Easy Access, Skid Compatible Carts – perfect for a shop that stocks a wide range of materials that couldn’t all fit in a tower. The Rapid Base is a lean alternative to a tower system.
  • Auto Scheduling – select a few sheets from one stack, the carts will automatically shuttle, then it will pick the desired number from the other cart, all scheduled by the Ncell line control.
  • Concrete Work Not Necessary – while you can sink the rails, most simply place them on the ground.
  • Keep up with Faster Fibers – as long as a sheet takes 60 seconds to cut, SmartFlex Rapid Automation will keep pace with the laser.
  • Several Configurations Possible – cart rails can be placed in either direction.
  • Expandable – add a tower, second laser (or a third or fourth), additional carts. What you end up with would be identical to a turn-key system
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