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The Rapid tower is Mitsubishi’s most popular automation configuration. Most owners go on to add a second laser to their line. If you’d like a system to be able to expand as your throughput needs grow, a Rapid tower system is for you.


Get Started with FABCOR Machinery

  • Size and Specs. – 5’ x 10’ or 2m x 4m systems, up to 22 shelves per tower, 6,600 lbs. shelf capacity. Motorized nest carts are 11,000 lbs. capacity (2 carts standard, 4 optional on a single laser system). Load/unload from 4’ x 4’ x .030” to full sheet 1” load/unload.
  • Streamlined Flow-through configuration - Towers hold material and carts handle the nests – this is the flow-through configuration preferred by most users. It is generally easier to remove nests from a cart than it is from a tower.
  • Won’t Slow Down Your Laser – If your laser is done cutting a sheet in 90 seconds and the automation has a 3-minute nest unload/sheet reload cycle, your laser will be idle half the time. SmartFlex Rapid Automation can keep pace with sheets cut in as little as 62 seconds on a single laser line.
  • Modular Tower – start with 8 shelves, then add another 4, 8 or 14 shelves when you expand to a multiple laser line. Or expand to multiple towers and double or triple storage capacity.
  • Run Different Materials Simultaneously on a Multiple Laser Line – Rapid Tower Automation has a unique feature that allows it to pick sheets from two shelves, ideal for this challenging application.
  • Several Configuration Options – reverse flow (with tower in rear), modified cart locations.
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