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VZ10 3D Laser

VZ10 3D Laser

A seamless, effective way to automatically manage and maximize your machinery investment.

Featuring a top-of-the-line Mitsubishi 3-axis cross-flow resonator for superior cutting power, the VZ10 combines accuracy and flexibility for users across a wide range of complex laser applications. The unique flexibility of the VZ10 laser’s 5- and 6-axis, 3D laser cutting systems can help you produce complex parts quickly and efficiently with fewer operators.


And best of all, this game-changing assemblage of robust shop floor cutting power is also easy to use and work with, thanks to the new, world-class LC30T Mitsubishi CNC control system.


  • Offers greater cutting flexibility with 3D and 2D cutting capability
  • Increased overall cutting speed due to faster axial movement, and 30% faster Z axis movement than previous models
  • Up to 50% faster and easier programming due to on-board CNC with one-touch teach functions that dramatically reduce keystrokes


  • Zero-offset head for exceptional performance in preformed part trimmer applications
  • 5” focal lens, providing faster processing times in thin material while reducing the heat-affected zone
  • Auto-adapting H axis head, which alters height automatically to aid in processing formed parts
  • Mitsubishi-standard damage reduction head and independent height control
  • Secure, easy-interchange work clamps and support pins for holding 2D workpiece in place
  • Powerful and easy-to-use material parameter tables
  • Mitsubishi’s patented 3-axis cross-flow resonator for superior cutting power
  • Digital rectangular-wave, high-peak power pulse, delivering increased cutting power and cleaner edge quality
  • Industry’s most advanced PC-based teach pendant for maximum programming power and flexibility


  • Enhanced LC30T Mitsubishi control system
  • 20GB hard drive capacity capable of handling large programs
  • Optional DiamondSoft 3D CAD/CAM software for easy-to-use, advanced offline programming capability


  • Bidirectional offset to zero-offset data conversion
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