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VZ20 3D Laser

VZ20 3D Laser

Delivering unparalleled utility, flexibility, and working speeds while being easier and less costly to operate. Mitsubishi’s VZ series, comprised of 3D laser cutting systems, offers the accuracy and flexibility needed for a wide range of users.


The VZ20 significantly decreases the time required to produce complex parts while still providing the greatest degree of accuracy. And, thanks to its expanded teaching functions, creating top-quality work at maximum speed is always an option for any user—regardless of skill. The VZ20 brings it all together, providing an unprecedented level of control over the most important aspects of your business, from product quality to cost-efficient resource management.


  • Offers greater cutting flexibility with 3D and 2D cutting capability
  • Great for applications that require deep-drawn workpieces, like stamped and formed parts
  • Increased overall cutting speed due to faster axial movement, and 30% faster Z axis movement than previous models
  • Up to 50% faster and easier programming due to on-board CNC with one-touch teach functions that dramatically reduce keystrokes


  • 7.5” focal lens
  • Pivot axis has an option of +/- 135 degrees
  • Welding head option
  • Powerful and easy-to-use material parameter tables
  • Auto-adapting H axis head with independent height control, which alters height automatically to aid in processing formed parts
  • Damage reduction head, offering double protection with shear pin and a spring mechanism that reduces an impact with spring-back action
  • Secure, easy-interchange work clamps and support pins for holding 2D workpiece in place
  • Dross reduction control combines real-time power ramping with acceleration or deceleration to greatly reduce thermal influence and dross adhesion
  • Mitsubishi’s patented 3-axis cross-flow resonator for superior cutting power
  • Digital rectangular-wave, high-peak power pulse, delivering increased cutting power and cleaner edge quality
  • Industry’s most advanced PC-based teach pendant for maximum programming power and flexibility


  • Enhanced LC30T Mitsubishi control system
  • 20GB hard drive capacity capable of handling large programs
  • Optional DiamondSoft 3D CAD/CAM software for easy-to-use, advanced offline programming capability


  • Bidirectional offset to zero-offset data conversion
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